Chemo Care Deluxe Package


All essentials to encourage during chemotherapy. Please choose one design and email details on the size desired.

Package includes:

  • Plastic Bottle with Stainless Steel Bottom and Lid
    • Leak-resistant lid
    • Clear BPA Free Plastic
    • Holds 22-ounces
  • Crew Neck Sweater and T-shirt
    • Stay warm & strong
  • Tote
    • Carry all essentials
  • Personalized Mug
    • Holds 12 oz of your choice of beverage
    • Has a handle for safe handling
    • Microwave safe
  • Wine Tumbler
    • Enjoy your favorite bottle of adult juice
    • Holds up to 22 ounces of any wine-tastic item in your bar
  • Burlap Bottle Holder
    • Suitable for standard wine and champagne bottles
    • Each bag comes with a drawstring, which makes the bag easy to open and close
  • Zipper  Bags
    • Comes in two sizes
    • Has a built in zipper to secure your items