Blood Transfusions: How to Avoid

Steps to take to help prevent a blood transfusion both in the hospital and/or as an outpatient. ...

New Cancer Diagnosis

This video provides information on steps to take when you...

Preventing Cancer

Simple steps you can take to help prevent cancer. Hear...

What is Cancer?

Watch a simple explanation on "What is Cancer". This is...

Cancer Therapy

Basic explanation of the different types of therapies used to treat the cancer patient. We use simple terminology so non-healthcare professionals can easily follow and understand.

Managing Cancer Pain

Simple explanation on how to manage cancer pain. We will first go over the initial steps to take when first deciding how to treat including what type of pain you have and where is the pain located. We then discuss non-medication options and then move to all different types of medications available to you. This is a difficult topic but I keep it simple so patients and family can follow along and hopefully help them live a cancer pain free life.

Microwave Use and Cancer

In this video we will discuss cell phone use and the risk of cancer.

Cell Phones and Cancer Risk

In this video we will discuss cell phone use and the risk of cancer.

Cancer Risk from Medical Scans

This video describes the radiation exposure to certain medical imaging tests and explains the approximate radiation exposure dose of some of the most common medical imaging tests performed.

Viruses and Cancer

Learn about certain viruses which are linked to certain cancers.

Blood Transfusions: How to Avoid

Steps to take to help prevent a blood transfusion both in the...


Quick overview of what hospice care provides to patients and family. When...

Pancreas Success Story

Pancreas Cancer Success Story...

How Cancer Kills

In this video we discuss the many ways cancer can result in...

Detecting Cancer Using Blood Tests

In this video we discuss blood testing and cancer. We also talk...

What to Eat while on Chemo

We discuss what you should eat and avoid while on chemotherapy. ...

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